Der Genogram Online Workshop Trauma & Resilienz im Familiensystem sichtbar machen

Lerne dein Familien- und Ahnensystem kennen und verschaffe dir mehr Klarheit, Verständnis, Resilienz und Mitgefühl


About this event

This masterclass will cover the basics of intergenerational trauma and resilience while teaching you how to create and design your own personal genogram.


As a practicing trauma therapist, I use genograms with almost all of my clients to highlight pain points and strengths. It's one of my favorite techniques because it almost always leads to that "a-ha" moment.



What does this masterclass cover?


In this masterclass, you'll learn all about how trauma shows up and is passed down through generations in a family. Summer will teach you the basics of intergenerational trauma (including epigenetics, common symptoms of trauma, and cycles of violence) AND intergenerational strengths and resilience.



What is a genogram?


At its core, a genogram is a family tree with LOTS of detail. It's a visual model of intergenerational patterns in mental health conditions, relationship dynamics, and family strengths and weaknesses. Genograms are used by both individual and family therapists around the world to help people better understand their families, histories, and themselves.



What will I leave with?


You'll leave this masterclass with:


a working understanding of intergenerational trauma and resilience

printable resources to support you as you create your very own genogram

reflection questions to guide you through the creation and analysis of your family tree


Our Agenda:


We will open with some deep breathing and grounding.

Summer will teach the class on intergenerational trauma, resilience, and healing

Summer will introduce you to a Genogram and walk you through the theories, symbols, and best practices for creating your own

Q&A will open up

We will close with some final grounding.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where is this event?


This event will take place over Zoom. You do not need to turn your camera on in order to participate.


What if I can't attend live?


A recording of the event will be available to everyone who purchases a ticket, so you can watch the event later if you can't make it live. Everyone who registers will also receive the resources.


Is there a sliding scale option?


This event includes a set amount of tickets set aside on a sliding scale.




This event is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for an individual therapy session.


Summer Forlenza cannot provide you with crisis management or mental health treatment during this session. Individuals who are seeking support for a crisis may be removed from the session and referred to a crisis resource.